Laboratory of Biophysics and Evolution

The Laboratory of Biophysics and Evolution (LBE) studies major evolutionary transitions and develops innovative technologies to study biological organisms.

Created in 2021, the lab is part of UMR CNRS-ESPCI 8231 Chemistry, Biology and Innovation.

Topics of investigation include:

  • -origins of life, cells, and multicellularity
  • -the evolution of gene regulation, life cycles, and communities
  • -genetic interactions and environmental perturbations

Research within LBE aims for mechanistic understanding and draws from:

  • -microfluidics
  • -synthetic biology
  • -experimental evolution
  • -molecular biology
  • -data sciences and theoretical modeling

LBE comprises two teams:

  • -team Nghe: origins of life, (bio)chemical reaction networks, evolution of gene networks, microfluidic technologies
  • -team Rainey: fraternal transitions and the evolution of life cycles, egalitarian transitions and the evolution of heredity, eco-evolution dynamics of bacterial communities, millifluidic technologies

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