LBE welcomes inquiries from interns, post graduate students and postdocs, but firstly read about our research projects and approach to doing science below.

Our approach to doing science

Creative, innovative science is driven by curiosity: it’s about ideas, about puzzles, dilemmas; it is about finding out what is not known. Success requires tenacity and hard work, but this follows naturally from passion concerning a focal problem.

We welcome inquiries from interns, graduate students, and post docs, but emphasize the importance of our organic approach to doing science. Ideal team members are those whose motivation stems from curiosity concerning the natural world. The project areas listed are not intended to be restrictive and we particularly welcome approaches from those with the broadest range of interests in systems biology, evolution and beyond.

How to apply?

Please email to philippe.nghe[at] or paul.rainey[at] the following elements:

  • -your specific motivation for joining our department (see below)
  • -the desired duration of study
  • -a CV
  • -2 recommendations letters (for postdocs)

Advice to applicants for internships and PhD positions regarding the motivation statement

The most important thing to get across in your application is your motivation for joining our laboratory. Tell us about the choices that have shaped your scientific path so far, what you now desire to achieve in science. Also tell us why you want to come here as opposed to any other lab. Did you see one of us give a talk and feel inspired? Did you read one of our papers in class, or come across it as part of your research project? If so, which talk or paper? What did you take away from that talk or paper that made you want to come and work with us? This can be a specific question that fascinates you, or a particular approach to looking for answers, or maybe you’ve thought of something important that we may have overlooked.

By no means do we expect you to have a fully-formed research proposal ready at the time of application; we will help you develop a project based on your interests. Mostly, we look for people who embrace our approach to doing science. Given the highly interdisciplinary nature of our research, you will receive training in various techniques by joining the lab, but curiosity should come prior to gaining skills. We look forward to hearing from passionate candidates.