2- Characterization of phage-host interaction using acoustic wave confinement

Proposition de stage en laboratoire de recherche - Niveau Master 2
Possible PhD opening

Characterization of phage-host interaction using acoustic wave confinement.

Understanding how bacteria evolve and adapt to their environment is fundamental. For instances, how they respond to antibiotics, phages infection or nutritional stress. In liquid, the acoustic traps allow to levitate a bacterial population enabling a neat control of their ambient medium. Embedding the trap on a microscope make feasible the direct observation of the population responses to various stress. At start, the project aims at optimizing the acoustic trap technology for the model bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens. Then, to observe the response of P. fluorescens populations to phage infection using phages isolated by the laboratory of Eaux de Paris, in the stream of the water treatment processes.

The internship of 4-6 months will take place in the international environment of the Laboratoire Génétique de l’Evolution in the Chimie Biologie Innovation Institute of the ESPCI.

Technics and skills used:
Microfluidics, microscopy, microbiology, acoustic, image analysis.

Results expected:
Characterization of the interactions of environmental phages on Pseudonomas fluorescens bacteria in acoustic confinement.


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